Lumina X Demo Night

Last week I had a brilliant time covering the 2023 Lumina X Demo Night at Miami Marketta, and I have to say it’s incredibly inspiring to see these 10 Australian startups create such innovative solutions to problems in the healthcare space using technology. Over 200 investors, mentors and partners were awed watching the 10 founders as they pitched for investment. Nerve-wracking to say the least but they all pitched so passionately and professionally. But as you can see from the images, a great time was had – especially afterwards when the food trucks arrived and the bar opened. This just a small glimpse of the content I produced for the event thanks to Cohort Innovation Space.

Congratulations to the team from YourTrack who won the Cohort Start Up Prize. YourTrack is an AI powered developmental tracking system that helps at-risk children get diagnosed faster and support sooner. The Fans Favourite prize when to Nursify. Nursify is a world-first employment platform designed specifically to connect and empower our workforce of nurses. Nursify steps up, using cutting-edge AI technology that swiftly matches qualified nurses with hospital job vacancies.

LX is a leading Australian accelerator that provides comprehensive support to ten healthtech startups, including the investment, networks, and resources required to build successful companies. For more info on the Lumina X Health Tech accelerator program CLICK HERE.

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