Gold Coast Photography Workshops


by Andrew Thurtell m.photog


More learning, More photography, More fun.


You’re probably reading this because you want to become a better photographer, otherwise you’d have moved on by now. I hope you haven’t, because Gold Coast Photography Workshops have been designed by me, Andrew Thurtell m.photog, to make you a better photographer.


Regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced enthusiast, there is a workshop to suit you.

Learn photography at my beginners photography course this year. My beginner photography classes are designed just for beginners.

Beginners Photography Workshop



Master your camera settings, learn photography and get off AUTO – forever!


Starting just after lunch and finishing at sunset, you’ll learn all you need to know about your DSLR or Mirrorless digital camera. Not only is the day is tailored for YOUR brand, but also the make. So whether you’ve got a Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji or Sony, at my photography course I speak your language.


Over the past few years I’ve helped hundreds of photographers achieve those ‘light-bulb’ moments at my beginners photography course. Imagine the feeling when all those numbers, settings, buttons and dials finally mean control and creativity instead of confusion and doubt – because once that happens it starts to get really fun. I focus on 3 main things:


  • What The Setting Is
  • What That Setting Does
  • When To Use It


And you’ll receive a copy of my comprehensive notes from the day. 


So – Get off AUTO forever!

photo editing and Lightroom workshop gold coast by Andrew Thurtell. no need for a photoshop class.

Photo Editing With Adobe Lightroom Workshop





Do you want to learn the basics of Adobe Lightroom editing but just don’t know where to begin? Then this Photo Editing Workshop With Adobe Lightroom class is designed for you!


If you have done my Beginners Photography Workshop, you’ll know that I’ve discussed the benefits of shooting RAW files because your images can look with even the most basic editing.


Then my Photo Editing Workshop With Adobe Lightroom is perfect for you, and is designed for those with NO editing experience.


The aim is to guide you through the essential editing techniques in Adobe Lightroom to get really satisfying results and while spending LESS time doing it! Furthermore you’ll gain the confidence knowing what you capture in camera can be finished off in the editing process in order to really complete your photographic vision.

travel photography workshop

Travel Photography Workshop




Create more inspiring travel photography – images that TRULY reflect the people you met, and the places that moved you.


Want to create more inspiring travel photography – images that TRULY reflect the people you met, the places that moved you and all this once-in-a-lifetime experiences you had?


Then this workshop is for you, and I promise you it will one of my very best yet.


Travel Photography is a genre out there on it’s own – a heady mix of landscape, architecture, portraiture and still-life created ‘live’ with no opportunity for a return visit or second attempt. In other words, it’s hard! Because of this my goal was to create a workshop to help you produce the best possible images regardless of light, location and time. 


And that is what the workshop is all about – giving you the skills to produce your very best images wherever you are in the world.

Photography workshops Gold Coast by Andrew Thurtell.

One-On-One Photography Workshops

from $440


Personalised one-on-one photography workshops and mentoring designed help to achieve the outcomes you need and also to grow your creativity.


The training is suitable for beginners, advanced amateurs and also professionals. If you have a passion for photography across fashion, design, portraiture, wedding, landscape or commercial photography, I can accommodate your need accordingly. Regardless of your genre, a workshop experience can be created for you.


If it’s not on the list however, feel free to contact me and suggest it. If you name it, then I’m sure we can do it.


Each participant will gain some seriously cool photographic knowledge, and after that, the confidence and skills to employ on your next shoot.


And if models and locations are required in addition to the workshop, then they are charged at cost only.

Can’t decide? Looking for a great gift idea?

Learn photography at my beginners photography course this year. My photography class is designed just for beginners.

Gold Coast Photography Workshops Gift Vouchers


from $50


If you need a gift idea, then we’ve got the photography lover in your life covered. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, Mothers Day or Fathers Day, these are a great gift.


Not only can you purchase a gift voucher for $50 or $100 value, but also a Gift Voucher for the Beginners, Portrait, Lightroom or Travel Workshop. Perfect! No sooner than you purchase the vouchers are available as downloadable print-at-home PDF and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Useful details


Full Notes as downloadable PDF for Travel and Beginners Workshops

On location tuition and instruction from Andrew Thurtell

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