Head Shot and Personal Branding


Whether you are an influencer, a lawyer, an architect or a cafe owner, professional headshots and lifestyle imagery are a cornerstone of your consumer-facing image. 


Customers respond to an engaging portrait because production values and quality presentation still mean an awful lot to your clients. As a professional headshot photographer and personal branding photographer, I create the look you require – a key image that defines your look, your staff and your business. 

Take A Look.

Got Staff?

A key skill of a good headshot photographer is the ability to photograph all your staff / key personnel in a cohesive manner.


So is the ability to return and photograph new staff or partners in the same way. This creates continuity for your website and your print media and social media presence. Therefore maintaining your brand’s web and print presence true to the initial vision. If you need the entire team photographed, let’s talk.


Large discounts apply for being able to photograph the entire team at the same location on the same day. Below are some links to some local business that have benefitted for a cohesive look to the way them key personnel are presented.

Team Examples.