Esesson Foundation Gala 2023

It’s always good to get a little dressed up in aid of a good cause right? And what a cause the Esesson Foundation Gala was. I had to admit I didn’t know a lot about the Esesson Foundation. But the more I found out, the more I realise what a powerful force for good Ajitha Naidu Sugnanam is. 

The Esesson Foundation is a non-for-profit that raises funds for children in need here in Australia and internationally, with a particular focus on healthcare and education. I urge you to visit the Esesson Foundation website where you can donate, sponsor a child, volunteer or raise funds. 

Speaking of raising funds, it was hard to choose what was the highlight of the night. Perhaps it was the framed Taylor Swift guitar and autographed CD that was auctioned off to a very generous phone bidder. Or maybe it was the 10 wonderful people who, one-by-one, stood up and each pledged $1000 each. Pretty cool. There was plenty of fun too. Live band, fund-raising casino, sponsors demonstrations and amazing food and drinks courtesy of Victoria Park, Brisbane, it had it all – so get on the website and register your interest for the Esesson Foundation Gala next year. 

I was proud to be part of a crew that donate their time and services for free. The event went of without a hitch courtesy of Kym Hatton, while Brad Weeks from Abunai shot the video and Mike Goldman of Big Brother fame was the excellent MC. Here’s a few highlights. Enjoy. 

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