travel photography workshop

Travel Photography Workshop 2023


Create more inspiring travel photography – images that TRULY reflect the people you met, and the places that moved you.




Workshop Dates

Saturday November 11 2023


Group Size

Workshop is limited

to 10 persons

Workshop Price

$195 per person

Want to create more inspiring travel photography – images that TRULY reflect the people you met, the places that moved you and all this once-in-a-lifetime experiences you had?


This workshop is for you, and I promise you it will one of my very best yet.


Travel Photography is a genre out there on it’s own – a heady mix of landscape, architecture, portraiture and still-life created ‘live’ with no opportunity for a return visit or second attempt. It’s hard! 


Travel Photography it’s the art of being able to produce the best possible image using regardless of light, location and time. 


And that is what the workshop is all about – giving you the skills to produce your very best images wherever you are in the world.

Bologna, Sunday Afternoon. Andrew Thurtell

What We’ll Cover 


  • Preparation and planning
  • Cameras and lenses for travel
  • Protecting your gear
  • Handling your files on the road
  • Photographing people
  • Dealing with tourists
  • Case studies
  • Image analysis
  • Ideas for when you get home


There be so much more as the conversation and questions always lead to amazing advice and insights for all of us.



Image Analysis


In the part of the day we will look at a series of my favourite travel images and analyse them in terms of composition, lens used, focus, lighting, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and all the relevant camera settings. These are included in the notes for you.


This will be the single most beneficial part of the part and i can’t wait to share it with you!

travel photography workshop
travel photography workshop
travel photography workshop

The workshop includes a downloadable PDF that is full of tips, explainers and the shooting data (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, shooting mode) for every image to show you exactly how I shot it. 

After The Workshop


Afterwards you’ll also receive lots of content.


Firstly, you’ll receive a copy of my comprehensive notes from the day the reinforce all the content delivered at the workshop. You’ll be invited into my exclusive Facebook group of previous workshop participants where we share tips, advice, gear buying, shoot location ideas and more. Also you’ll receive 20% discount on any future workshops I run such Adobe Lightroom Editing, Travel, Natural Light Portraiture and Studio Lighting.


Plus my door will always be open to you should you ever need to ask a question. 

Workshop Information

Workshop Inclusions

Comprehensive Travel Photography Class Notes

20% Discount on future workshops

On location tuition and instruction from Andrew Thurtell

Minimum Workshop Requirements

A DSLR or Mirrorless camera – that’s it!

Workshop Hours


Workshop Location


From Crystal:

Have been on two of Andrew’s photography class now and my photos just keep getting better and better. His flexible teaching methods and hands on approach makes the courses practical so you get in there and learn photography faster. Love his classes and will keep going back for more, as I have had so many “light bulb” moments when it comes to my photography that I can’t wait for more enlightening!

Beginners Photography Workshop

From Kellie:

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful day I had on Saturday at the Beginners Photography Course with Andrew. I was nervous I would be the stupidest there and not take anything in but I learned so much and had a fabulous day!

Beginners Photography Workshop

From Kirsten:

Today I did this workshop with the amazing Andrew Thurtell. I learnt so, so much…totally invaluable experience and many lightbulb moments!

Beginners Photography Workshop

My Experience

Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many countries to shoot. 


Perhaps it’s been -20c in the winter snows of Hokkaido, Japan. Or sweating it out in the oppressive 45c humidity of the slums of Mumbai, India. Maybe fighting hordes of tourists in Paris, France. I’ve been able to learn an awful lot that I want to share with you. (Most of it is listed above, and covered in the workshop….)


Street photography is a passion of mine as well, so check in on my gallery HERE. 


Most of you are probably familiar with my commercial and advertising work. However travel and people / places is also a huge part of my photography and my life. Through being a contributor to Getty Images, my travel work is sold worldwide. Since 2017 I’ve had over 31,000 images licensed in over 100 countries.


See you for a day or inspiration and education.

travel photography workshop

London, Millennium Bridge. Andrew Thurtell