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Travel Photography Workshop


Join me at the travel photography class learning how to capture travel images that truly reflect the people you met, the places you saw and the experiences you had.




Workshop Dates

Post COVID-19 Date Coming late 2020

Group Size

Workshop is limited

to 12 persons

Workshop Price

$195 per person

Want to create more inspiring and emotive travel photography? Then this Travel Photography Workshop is for you!


Learn to capture images that TRULY reflect the people you met, the places that moved you and all the once-in-a-lifetime experiences you had.


Travel Photography is a genre out there on it’s own because it’s a heady mix of landscape, architecture, portraiture and still-life created ‘live’ with no opportunity for a return visit or second attempt. It’s hard!


Travel Photography is also the art of being able to produce the best possible image using regardless of light, location and time and it’s especially relevant as we don’t often get a second chance.


And that is what my travel photography workshop is all about – giving you the skills to produce your very best images wherever you are in the world.


While a travel photography class of any kind can seem like a daunting prospect, I guarantee mine are the opposite.  You will have a brilliant day full of learning and make some new friends along the way.

Travel Photography Workshop

travel photography workshop



Learn the tools, apps and resources I use to research and finally plan my travel shoots to increase my chances of a successful day’s photography.  I include all the things all the I do before I go, plus location scouting when there.

We also discuss researching cultures, how to get a fixer and what I do to maximise light and locations.

This planning finally comes together in curating a flexible shot list that you can follow to increase your chances of being in the right place at the right time!

travel photography workshop



Explore our options for cameras and lenses for travel photography, in particular the 3 essential lenses. We also discuss the pro and cons of mirrorless cameras vs traditional DSLR cameras for travel. We’ll also explore filters, accessories, and tripod alternatives.

In this section I feature scores of my favourite travel images and analyse how the were shot the each lens and why – and list all the camera settings used.  Extending battery life, how to travel light, and to fly with your gear – it’s all here. It’s especially relevant if you have a trip coming up!

travel photography workshop



I’ve shot in 45c in India to 15c in Japan and just about everything else in between.

As well as insurance ins and outs, we learn all that is available to us to be able to keep our gear safe – from the weather and thieves!

This is another section of full of advice on gear too – backpacks, camera straps, hoods, covers and more. 

travel photography workshop



We NEVER want to loose our photos while travelling. Ever.

I’ll show you how I download and back-up on the road to keep my work backed up and duplicated. I’ll introduce you to what’s available for travel photographer.

And help you decide either a laptop or tablet to travel with. Could be one of the more valuable things you’ll learn at this travel photography class.

travel photography workshop



The hardest therefore most rewarding aspect of travel – people photography. I cover how I approach both candid / street people photography and how I approach people to engage with them.

While it can be daunting, it’s all about overcoming our own fears and objections. I deliver a really enlightening section on establishing your vision and your approach to people photography to achieve amazing results. Lots of images to look at and analyse here so get ready!

travel photography workshop



Ugh. They just don’t get it do they – getting in the way with their iPads and selfie sticks.

While we can’t get rid of them I have a lot of strategies I implement to get really dynamic travel shots regardless of the crowds.

Whether it’s a museum, a church, a market there are heaps of ways to make the most of it and I show you how.

travel photography class gold coast



To help bring everything together, I examine a day’s travel shooting. Using the images I shot in the Dharavi slum in Mumbai, India I show the techniques and thought process behind a day’s shoot.

The section is especially relevant because it shows you what is possible when you combine good photography, good planning and some local knowledge.

This is really exciting for me to share with you because it was one of the most memorable days of my photography life.

travel photography class gold coast



Shooting in different situations requires different skills.

In the Image Analysis section I go through dozens of examples – a church interior, a night shot, a food shot – and many more to explain how they were shot, including step-by-step guides for each to be able to do it yourself – including ‘go-to’ camera settings. In addition to this we will cover compositional examples and techniques too.

This is a hugely beneficial part of the travel photography class because there are so many visual examples!

travel photography class gold coast



Of course rather than let our files collect digital dust on the hard drive there is so much we can do in addition to a few Facebook posts!

Fortunately because of Instagram, Albums, Print and Framing, Selling Your Shots, Holding an Exhibition – there are so many things we can do to share our best work.  

And I’ll give you lots of ideas on how and why.

More helpful information


Lunch, Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea

Full Notes as downloadable PDF

20% Discount on future workshops

On location tuition and instruction from Andrew Thurtell


A basic understanding of camera settings, apertures, shutters speeds and ISO is recommended for this travel photography class.


From Tony:

It far exceeded my expectations with the content, layout, style and professional presentation.

With the amount of detail involved and with the interaction from a great group of participants, I felt that I got excellent value in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Travel Photography Workshop, February 2017

From Samantha:

Thanks again and I always feel recharged after a workshop with you.

Travel Photography Workshop, February 2017

From Victoria:

I had a great day and learned a lot of tips to hopefully improve my photography on my next trip. Apologies if I talked too much – I was just inspired and excited about all the info, oops!!!

Travel Photography Workshop, February 2017