Learn photography at my Toowoomba Photography Class at Picnic Point. My Toowoomba Beginners Photography Workshop is designed to get you off AUTO forever.


Photography Workshop


Picnic Point, Toowoomba


Master your camera settings, learn photography and get off AUTO – forever!




Workshop Dates

Saturday November 18 2023

Group Size

Workshop is limited

to 8 persons

Workshop Price

$195 per person

The Workshop


Hi Toowoomba! By request I’m coming your way this November to hold my successful Beginners Photography Workshop in Toowoomba for the very first time. 


The class starts just after lunch at Picnic Point and continues until sunset. Over the course of the afternoon you’ll learn all you need to know about your DSLR or Mirrorless camera. And it doesn’t matter what brand you have, all my teaching is specific to your camera. So whether you’ve got a Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fuji or a Leica, at my beginners photography workshop I speak your language.  


I have three simple questions for you:


    1. Do you want to learn photography?
    2. What about getting the confidence that comes with knowing what your camera functions do?
    3. And then when to apply them for type of photography YOU want to do?


Then my Beginners Photography Workshops are for you.

Photography courses Toowoomba at Picnic Point by Andrew Thurtell m.photog. Learn photography at my photography class.

Get Off  Auto – Forever


Since 2014, I’ve helped hundreds of photographers achieve those ‘light-bulb’ moments at my beginners courses. A large part of that success is because I’m only interested in explaining things in a way that make it easy to remember and implement. Jargon doesn’t excite me. Great photos do.


So imagine the feeling when all those numbers, settings, buttons and dials finally mean control and creativity instead of confusion and doubt – because once that happens it starts to get really fun. 


I focus on 3 main things:

    1. What The Setting Is
    2. What That Setting Does
    3. When To Use It


This is what my Beginners Photography Workshop is all about – to help you Find Your Focus.


So – Get off AUTO forever!



What We Will Be Covering


It’s a big afternoon. Together we will cover:

  • Your camera and how to quickly and easily navigate the menu system
  • Your Apertures and Shutter Speeds and how to use them for creative control
  • How ISO works and how to take pictures in low light
  • Understanding White Balance for more accurate colour in-camera
  • Megapixels, Resolution and Image Sizes
  • RAW files v JPEG files and which one to use and when
  • Learn your Shooting Modes: Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual
  • Understanding Exposure and how to get it right every time
  • Metering Modes and How to Use Them
  • Mastering Autofocus, Autofocus Modes and Manual Focus (so you never miss a shot again!)
  • Depth Of Field – Learn to create beautiful out-of-focus backgrounds (or front to back sharpness for your landscapes!)
  • Lenses, Lens Choice and Focal Lengths
  • Essential Equipment: Filters, Tripods, Accessories – what’s worth buying and what’s not.
Photography courses Toowoomba at Picnic Point by Andrew Thurtell m.photog. Learn photography at my photography class.

The workshop includes a downloadable PDF that is full of tips, explainers and the shooting data (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, shooting mode) for every image to show you exactly how I shot it. 

After The Workshop


Afterwards you’ll also receive lots of content.


Firstly, you’ll receive a copy of my comprehensive notes from the day the reinforce all the content delivered at the workshop. You’ll be invited into my exclusive Facebook group of previous workshop participants where we share tips, advice, gear buying, shoot location ideas and more. Also you’ll receive 20% discount on any future workshops I run such Adobe Lightroom Editing, Travel, Natural Light Portraiture and Studio Lighting.


Plus my door will always be open to you should you ever need to ask a question. So spend the afternoon mastering your camera with me at Picnic Point Toowoomba for an afternoon that will change your photography – forever!



You’re Among Friends


Because everything is explained in an easy to understand way, it will help you learn photography and thoroughly understand all your cameras settings. And furthermore what they are designed to do.


So think of this photography workshop as having someone in person explain the entire camera manual to you. While attending beginner photography classes of any kind can seem like a daunting prospect, I guarantee my photography class is the opposite. You will have a brilliant day full of learning and make some new friends along the way. Every is in the same boat, were all here to learn and you’ll all be beginners. 


I’m really looking forward to this. When I surveyed my mailing list for a where the best place for a new location for photography courses Toowoomba was the obvious choice. See you at Picnic Point in November!

Workshop Information

Workshop Inclusions

Comprehensive Beginner Photography Class Notes

20% Discount on future workshops

On location tuition and instruction from Andrew Thurtell

Minimum Workshop Requirements

A DSLR or Mirrorless camera – that’s it!

Workshop Hours

2.00pm – 6.30pm

Picnic Point Toowoomba Workshop Location


From Crystal:

Have been on two of Andrew’s photography class now and my photos just keep getting better and better. His flexible teaching methods and hands on approach makes the courses practical so you get in there and learn photography faster. Love his classes and will keep going back for more, as I have had so many “light bulb” moments when it comes to my photography that I can’t wait for more enlightening!

Beginners Photography Workshop

From Kellie:

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful day I had on Saturday at the Beginners Photography Course with Andrew. I was nervous I would be the stupidest there and not take anything in but I learned so much and had a fabulous day!

Beginners Photography Workshop

From Kirsten:

Today I did this workshop with the amazing Andrew Thurtell. I learnt so, so much…totally invaluable experience and many lightbulb moments!

Beginners Photography Workshop

About Andrew Thurtell

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Andrew has worked with many of Australia’s leading celebrities and athletes: Delta Goodrem, Formula One star Mark Webber, Jessica Mauboy, Ricky Ponting, Mitchell Johnson, Gold Coast SUNS, Hawthorn AFL, Shelley Craft, Ashley Hart, Lleyton Hewitt, Master Chef’s George Calombaris, My Kitchen Rules chef Karen Martini, WNBA star Liz Cambage, Bondi Vet Chris Brown, Olympic Gold medallist Sally Pearson, All Blacks captain Kieran Read, Dutch Olympic speed skating champion Sven Kramer, the Wallabies, Gold Logie winner Sonia Kruger and many more. 


In addition recent campaigns include the Swisse-Scudera Ferrari campaign shot in Maranello Italy, Ricky Pointing in Mumbai, India and Toshiba Medical. You can explore his work on his advertising and campaign photography page.


Andrew is also an exclusive content contributor for Getty Images. Since 2017 Andrew has had over 31,000 images licensed in over 100 countries.