We are Andrew & Nicole Thurtell, Gold Coast wedding photographers and the people you’ll be working with the whole way through. Andrew is bald, Nicole is gorgeous – we balance each other out….


We have 3 kIds, Jack, Anna and Eliza (Elly). Managing a studio and 3 young kids is a challenge but awesome fun that keeps us grounded.


It also means we are quite capable of handling kids at weddings!


We are Gold Coast born and bred, so we know what it means to have a Gold Coast wedding. We had one! We’d do it again for sure, but we don’t have to. And as Gold Coast wedding photographers, we know this city and it’s beautiful locations inside out.


But what we do love to see is people experiencing the same joy and happiness that we experienced on our own wedding day.


Why is there a photo of us in Paris? Well, we wanted to mark a special moment in our lives (our 10th anniversary) so we hired a photographer to shoot us and create something truly wonderful for us. Yes there were plenty of selfies, but as normal everyday people we still believe in the value of being professionally photographed together.


Want to know more about us? Here we are:


Likes: his wife, Canon cameras, U2, a double macchiato, is a Gold Coast Suns fanatic, loves Paris, winter landscapes, Anton Corbijn
Pet hates: GPS directions


Likes: Paris, French food, Christian Louboutin, a nice coat, (detect a theme here people?) her husband, comedian Ross Noble, her iPad
Pet hates: early mornings, people using iPads to take photos!


But let us leave you with this: Why book us? (or any other professional photographer for that matter.


The answer is simple. As Gold Coast wedding photographers we bring vision, interpretation, anticipation, skill, rapport, experience, comfort and balance. The camera is secondary, it really is. Without all those things above, the best camera in the world is useless.


And this is why we really look forward to meeting you and create something truly beautiful for you and your families.